Announcement by Al Rajhi Capital regarding the results of the offering in Increasing the total assets value of Al Rajhi REIT Fund


Al Rajhi Capital, in its capacity as the Fund Manager of Al Rajhi REIT Fund, is pleased to announce the completion of the cash subscription process in increasing the total value of the fund’s assets, through the additional offering to investors with successfully achieving the maximum limit, as the offering period ended on Tuesday 10/11/1444H Corresponding to 30/05/2023G. The total value of subscription requests reached to SAR (1,602,905,005.4),where the coverage percentage reached of (158.33%), the subscription witnessed the participation of (299,690) individuals and institutional investors with a total of (146,703) requests.


The allocation results of the additional offering to increase the total asset value of the Fund was based on the allocation mechanism announced in the supplementary annex to the terms and conditions of the Fund, The subscribed units were allocated according to the following tranches:


- The subscribed units were allocated in full for the registered unitholders on the day of the unitholders’ meeting to vote on approving the increase in the total value of the fund’s assets on 11/05/2023.


- The remaining additional subscribed units were allocated to the rest of the unregistered individuals and institutional investors on the day of the unitholders meeting, with an allocation rate of (46%) of the total subscribed units.


We also inform you that the refund will be deposited by maximum 13/06/2023 G. The new units will also be listed after completing all relevant procedures within a 60 working days from the end of the offering period.


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