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Addendum Announcement from Al Rajhi Capital Regarding Al Rajhi Capital Announcement about a material development related to Al Rajhi REIT Fund.
Date of the previous announcement: 03-09-1441 H Corresponding to 26-4-2020 G
For more details about the previous announcement, please Click Here
In addition to Al-Rajhi Capital's announcement published on 03-09-144H corresponding to 26-04-2020 G. Al Rajhi Capital, the Fund Manager of Al Rajhi REIT would like to inform the unitholders the following:


  • The master lessee (Rawaj Real Estate Company) of Blue Tower Building, AlKhobar and Luluah Warehouse, Riyadh has withdrawn its notice of termination for lease contract of these properties.
  • The master lessee of the above properties has agreed to follow the provisions of the lease agreement signed by both parties that includes rent review process.
The Fund Manager will follow the due process as per the lease agreement provisions. The Fund Manager shall announce any material development arising in this matter in due course of time.




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