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Circulars to Fund Unit Holders

Al Rajhi Capital announces the subscription period for public offering related to Al Rajhi REIT Funds’ total asset value increase
Al Rajhi Capital announces the subscription period for Al Rajhi REIT total asset value Increase offering to commence on 15/4/1441H corresponding to Thursday 12th December 2019 and end on 21/4/1441H corresponding to Wednesday 18th December 2019.
IPO price is SAR 8.8 per unit. Participation in the total asset value increase will be available to all investors, whether existing unit holders (i.e. registered at Securities Depository Center (Edaa) by the end of the second trading day preceding the meeting which held on 31st Oct 2019) or new investors participating in this offering.
The allotment ratio for existing unit holders at time of subscription is 0.1379 i.e. Existing investor holding 10,000 units is entitled to get 1,379 units.
For further details refer the allocation mechanism mentioned in terms and conditions
The subscription will be available through Al Rajhi Bank and Al Rajhi Capital through following channels:
  • AlRajhi Capital investment Centers
  • AlRajhi Bank ATMs
  • AlRajhi Bank mobile application
For subscription details, please refer to the Terms and Conditions of increasing the total asset value of the fund.




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