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Announcement by Al Rajhi Capital regarding the details of non-fundamental changes to Al Rajhi Mutual Funds


Corrective Announcement from the fund manager of Al Rajhi REIT Fund regarding Announcement by Al-Rajhi Capital regarding an update of the terms and conditions of the Al-Rajhi REIT Fund


Al-Rajhi Capital announces updating the terms and conditions of the Al-Rajhi REIT Fund


Al Rajhi Capital announces a change in the Board of Directors of Al Rajhi Mutual funds


Announcement by Al Rajhi Capital Company regarding the details of non- fundamental changes to Al Rajhi REIT Fund


Al Rajhi Capital announcement about the availability of the quarterly statement report for Al Rajhi Capital Mutual Funds for the period ending on 31 March 2022


Al Rajhi Capital announces the availability of quarterly statement for Al Rajhi REIT Fund for the period ended 31st March 2022


Announcement by Al Rajhi Capital that Al Rajhi Capital Mutual Fund’s annual reports, including the annual audited financial statements, for the period ended on 31/12/2021 are available to the public


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