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Al Rajhi Capital further enhances its leading role as the top brokerage service provider by offering 'differed payment purchasing of stocks' (Murabaha). This unique Shariah-compliant financing solution finances clients' portfolios to purchase stocks from the local market. Clients subsequently settle for this facility with a specified profit added to the facility amount. There are minimum portfolio requirements to obtain a Murabaha facility, with the guarantee amount is subject to Terms and Conditions.
Al Rajhi Capital offers the following financing options:
Quarterly Murabaha (Daily Liquidity):
The purpose of this type of financing is to help clients with high volumes of daily trading, in order to leverage their intraday trading.

Yearly Murabaha – High Trading Investors:
This financing is for a period of one year. It is suitable for active traders who wish to invest for a longer period.

Refundable Commission Murabaha:
The purpose of this type of financing is to help investors with medium to high volumes of trading, who wish to invest for a short period of three months.

Platinum Yearly Murabaha:
Funding is provided for one year in this financing solution. This is ideal for traders of moderate trading volumes who wish to invest for a longer period.

Platinum Yearly Murabaha – Minimum:
The financing is for a one year period and is considered suitable for a segment of investors with lower portfolios than other Murabaha Financing products.

You may apply for Murabaha through Al-Rajhi Tadawul and simply following these steps :
  • Enter username and password
  • Trading platform
  • Select Murabaha - Murabaha Subscription
  • Products
  • Fill out all fields and send
You may also request for Murabaha financing by visiting your nearest Investment Center​​​​​​​.
    ​For additional information on Al Rajhi Capital Brokerage services:
    Please contact: +966 92000 5856
    You can also email us on

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