Our Principles

The core principle defining the foundation of our business is to understand our clients' needs, balance risk with optimal investment returns and deliver bespoke investment advice, which exactly meets their requirements. Al Rajhi Capital’s business philosophy is based on integrity underpinned by a strict adherence to comprehensive risk management and regulatory guidelines, which ensures total confidence in our professionalism.

 Value Addition

Al Rajhi Capital endeavors to maximize value for its clients by delivering;
• Superior Risk Adjusted Performance:
Al Rajhi Capital products are structured to deliver superior risk balanced investment returns across a variety of market conditions and are benchmarked against competitors to ensure optimal performance.
• Stringent Risk Management:
Al Rajhi Capital adheres to a rigorous risk management framework which ensures accountability to both regulators and investors via monitoring and reacting to market volatility, credit and operational risks.
• Shariah Compliance:
Al Rajhi Capital business is governed by principles of Islamic shariah. They are implemented across all products and monitored by a well established framework of shariah policies and procedures.

 Investment Technology

Al Rajhi Capital Asset Management provides professional investment advice which is integrated into state of the art investment research tools, to provide quantitative and qualitative investment analysis, which ensures that the most strategic investment decisions are made with portfolio performance regularly assessed, monitored and adjusted as and when needed.

 Investment Expertise


 Regulatory Management

Al Rajhi Capital’s investment and compliance committee sets clear investment criteria, which is regulated and reviewed by various stakeholders including the Fund Board to ensure clients’ best interests are always at the heart of our business. Investment strategies are evaluated and monitored regularly in addition to being benchmarked against our peer group to ensure optimal performance. Transparency and full disclosure are central to Al Rajhi Capital’s role as a trusted and value add adviser.

 Trust & Responsibility


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