Amendment of trading commission for listed shares

Reference to the recent amendment by the Capital Market Authority Board of the level of commission on any buy or sell of equity share transactions by increasing it from (0.00120) one hundred and twenty in one hundred thousand (0.120%) equating  to 12 basis points or 12 Riyals for every ten thousand Riyals transaction, to be (0.00155) one hundred and fifty five in one hundred thousand (0.155 %) which equates to (15.5) basis points or 15.5 Riyals for every ten thousand of the deal's value. The Board's decision also included the elimination of the minimum commission for any executed order of equity shares with a value equal to or less than ten thousand Riyals. The decision shall be effective by Sunday 17 July 2016.​​

Please be informed that based on “Saudi Stock Exchange (TADAWUL)” instructions all outstanding/unexecuted orders will be canceled by end of the trading day on Thursday, 14th of July 2016. For more information please visit Tadawul website or click here​.